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Transforming passions into plans. To bring companies into their next era.

We partner with mission-driven companies to provide Fortune 500 consulting and financial advisory services that promote growth and evolution.

The Founder's Mentality is based on insurgency, a front-line obsession, and the owner's mindset.

From all different professional backgrounds; our experiences, perspectives, and trust have pushed us to continuous innovation.

Our relationships with clients are built upon mutual respect and benefit. We work together from start to finish.

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Empowering the next leading market innovators across the United States and Canada.

Our Most Recent Project Locations

White Waves


As thought leaders, we want to ensure that we make information and insight accessible to all.

We started our own podcast not to show how hip we are, but that we care about making informed decisions. 


We want to establish who we are as a company, as a squad, and how we operate. We want to give you as much information about us as possible. 


Additionally, although we break the status quo of consultants being time-consuming and passion changers, it is daunting to ask for help. We want to offer insight on challenges you might be encountering. 

Our Clients

Our Partners
Concrete Wall

“Fortunately, we hired Rogue Ventures to help us determine what was and what was not working in our Buying, Leasing, and Selling Departments. They immediately spent time interviewing our key department Managers, understanding the dynamics between departments, and looking for ways to improve our operational efficiency and profitability. While onsite, their approach made them seem more like existing team members than consultants. We are actually in the process of implementing their recommendations now.”

- Owner, Johnson RV

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