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Transforming passions into plans.

Our Story

Roy T Bennett said, “When things do not go your way, remember that every challenge – every adversity – contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth.” Challenges exist in organizing, strategizing, planning, and executing – the life of any current and promising honest entrepreneur.


JT Haskins, CEO and founder of Rogue Ventures, worked in volatile law and education industries that revealed the need for trust and reliability. Haskins wanted to be an agent of change for companies with passionate, risk-taking, and creative leaders looking to maximize their windows of opportunity; so he built Rogue Ventures in 2017.  

Rogue Ventures is a squad with a diverse set of skills in technology, finance, investment banking, marketing, and more. Skills that transform passions into plans because we believe that the next leading market innovators are out there – ready to inspire and change the world.

Our Vision

To empower the next generation of leading market innovators

We choose to work with you because your passions have the power to positively push the boundaries of their respective markets -- changing the playing field for all

At Rogue, we are proponents of data based analytics, but we know that situations are fluid and rigid number goals can be catastrophic to a business. 

Our methodologies are agile, nimble, and flexible; to accommodate the unique needs of our clients and their businesses.

App Design

Each employee, from the bottom of the organizational chart to the C-suite has valuable insight to the inner workings of the company and how we work together in various markets. 

Our squad creates and helps implement effective and unique strategies.

We don’t simply write reports based on formulas and then leave our clients to their own devices.  We see the process through and dig in with them to achieve their full organizational and financial potential. 

Our squad is with you from beginning to end.

Colleagues at Work

Meet The Squad

Meet The Squad

Our Clients

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