Learn About the Founder

 JT Haskins 

CEO of Rogue Ventures Inc., Co-Founder & Managing Director of Evolution Ventures, LLC 

JT is the Founder and CEO of Rogue Ventures Inc as well as the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Evolution Ventures, LLC which is a Pre-Seed Angel Investment fund focused on identifying new ideas and then cultivating those ideas through coaching, leadership, and day to day operational business assistance. JT’s vision for Rogue came about due to his desire to focus on relationship building as a means to enhance a business’s value.  By focusing on the people, the values, and the goals of the company to drive strategy rather than relying solely on revenue forecasts, Rogue creates an environment for long term sustainable success. Business doesn’t have to be cold and calculating at all times to achieve the desired results. 


JT attended Swarthmore College, a liberal arts institution that thrives on teaching its students how to think critically and process information.  He has taken these skills with him over the course of both his educational career, graduating at the top of his class whilst earning a Masters in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship, and his business career having held a multitude of positions within a multinational corporation prior to forming Rogue.