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Business and Organizational Purpose

At Rogue, we look at the Organizational Purpose as the underlying reason as to why your company/organization exists -- resting neatly in between your company’s mission and vision.  We’ve learned, through our own experiences, that purpose, unlike mission and vision, isn't something that changes over time. It is your company’s reason for being, reaching far beyond what you offer to the market.  

How to Think About Purpose




What do we do and why do we do it?

Where do we want to go and how can we get there?



 We follow a very simple process to help you identify, craft and them implement your purpose across the organization

  1. Discovery

  2. Expression

  3. Commencement

  4. Entrench

As soon as we’ve defined and commenced implementing the purpose to the entirety of your organization, we can then shift our focus to reworking a company’s culture, strategy, and branding because everything flows forward from your Organizational Purpose.

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