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Organizational Strategy

At Rogue, we view Organizational Strategy in much the same way we do Organizational Purpose, meaning that this isn’t something fluffy that you hire an ad agency for. Our philosophy towards Organizational Strategy is that companies are at their best when they empower their employees to push the boundaries of what is possible.  In theory, the previous sentence sounds both wonderful and simplistic, when in fact they are anything but that.

We employ three pillars to help your company to shape an effective culture and they are:

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure, in our world, goes well beyond simply having a structure and corresponding operational efficiencies. The most important asset a company possesses is its people, and the key to an effective organizational structure is not only the capabilities of those people but also the environment and culture in which they are empowered to act and make decisions, which is a direct result of having a well defined Organizational Purpose.  

Organizational Structure

Designing the Right Structure

Our main focus here is creating an organization with visibility and without silos so that each unit of the organization has insight into what is transpiring in the other departments. 

Moreover, we aim to develop a structure whereby communication is key, collaboration is championed, and resources are allocated accordingly and not stockpiled.

Empowerment & Open Mindedness

This speaks to the open flow of ideas and information to allow your employees to thrive in new and effective ways.


Whether it’s working from home, working in scrum teams, etc., the goal is to facilitate better performance and leaner processes.

Ensuring a Collective Mindset

At the forefront of a successful organizational strategy and structure is buy-in from both the leadership team and their employees.


The critical component here is the organizational purpose espoused by leadership and practiced and implemented throughout the company. Such efforts will ensure that your company attracts and retains the best talent in the marketplace.  


Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture, from our perspective, is essential to both your business performance, and ultimately your sustainability because people are your most valuable assets.  

Simply defined, culture is how everyone in the company behaves in the pursuit of achieving your business goals. 

Some of the questions that we will ask you are aimed at uncovering the desired behaviors, and examples include the following:

  • Who gets hired, fired and promoted, and why? Essentially, what type of people, with what skills, experiences, and behaviors do we want as members of our organization?

  • How are goals set and evaluated?

  • Why do we celebrate certain achievements?

  • Why do we have meetings and what are their purposes? 

  • Should there be a standardized way of conducting key internal meetings?

  • What behaviors are championed?

  • How is failure dealt with because everything doesn’t always go according to plan.

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