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JT Haskins


When not fully immersed in the Rogue business, JT can be found taking orders from his young daughter, Reyna, who is seemingly destined for a career as a negotiator.  JT also defers all personal and household decision-making to his incredible wife, Alyssa, who has affectionately been dubbed the CEO of Life by those that know her. 

JT is also an avid fan of movies and his favorite performers include Denzel Washington, Jessica Chastain and the one and only Nicolas Cage, he of the Immeasurable Talent.  JT and his four best friends from Swarthmore, somehow currently referring to themselves on their text chain as the Agile Belugas, spent too much time consuming Cage movies back in the day.

JT also enjoys endurance sports, particularly Ironman Triathlon, as he finds the training journey to be the ultimate challenge whilst juggling the foremost priorities of family and work. After a long week, Haskins' vice of choice is Whiskey, where he can currently be found exploring (tasting) his way through Scotland, learning the differences between each of the whiskey regions.

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