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The Rogue Ventures Podcast

Rogue on Record

Rogue Ventures is a management consulting firm dedicated to aiding its clients and partners in achieving long-term success. These podcasts are a tool for our communities so that they may learn how to strive in their startup mission, and for our partners to learn how Rogue Ventures strives for efficiency, precision, and thoroughness with our projects.  

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The Rogue Start

JT Haskins, CEO & founder of Rogue Ventures, reveals how Rogue Ventures came into existence and offers advice on starting your first business and perfecting that elevator pitch.

Episode 1


The Connection and Client

JT Haskins understands the difficulty of getting the gears of business moving. In this segment, he offers insight on Rogue's first client and how he utilized his networks to get started. 

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Episode 2
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Episode 3


The Goal and The Outcome

This podcast offers advice from Jt Haskins about how to recover from a missed goal, and how to properly set yourself up for success moving forward. JT offers an example of how Rogue Ventures aided a client in recovering from unforeseen circumstances. 


The Partnership for Patients

Rogue Ventures Podcast.png
Episode 4

This podcast brings together two clients of Rogue Ventures, Kinotek and Premiere Spine and Sport. In this episode, the founders of these three companies discuss how the partnership has not only launched each other into their own paths of success, but their patients as well.

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Episode 5


The Successful Business Marriage

In this podcast we have the CMO of Rogue Ventures, Ben Perreria, dive into the start of Rogue Ventures and his crucial part in the team. Ben exposes what grad school was like with JT and how their partnership, or business marriage, has fueled Rogue Ventures into being the partner it is for clients today.


Planning For Greatness Together

In this podcast we have Mike Turick, the Senior Vice President of Asset Management with Buccini/Pollin, who specializes in leasing and finance of commercial and retail properties. Turick, a long time friend of JT Haskins, talks about his experience and his next project-- starting Rogue Realty with his trusted friend.

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Episode 6
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