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Mike Turick

Senior Business Strategist

Mike Turick, Rogue’s Senior Business Strategist, and Active Investor is the newest addition to the Rogue Squad, joining the company in 2022. He received his BA from Swarthmore College in mathematics and is a financial and deal structuring expert who has honed both his business and transactional skills over the past two decades in the Real Estate Markets; commercial and residential.

Mike is also currently the Senior Vice President of Asset Management with the Buccini/ Pollen Group, an organization that specializes in the leasing and financing of commercial and retail properties. Prior to joining BPG, Mike served as an analyst in the Washington DC office of Studley Inc., a commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in tenant representation. He was involved in over 3 million square feet of transactions for clients which included the U.S. Government, Fortune 100 companies, and nationally ranked law firms.

Mike’s extensive business and financial experience aids our Rogue Squad in how we function as a company internally, but also how we engage and execute specialized plans with our clients and partners

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